A scetch I did for a new character.

A scetch I did for a new character. He will appear in a few weeks.

I feel I have not been very communicative lately. I haven’t even done anything to mark SpaceBoiz 3rd anniversary šŸ™

The reason is I have had so much work with my day job that I have barely been able to keep my update chedule. Now I try to make a few pages as a buffer for my summer holidays.

There are going to be some new characters appearingĀ  soon. I did this character scetch for one of them and I couldn’t resist posting it here as a teaser.

I think I should also change the poll soon.


I have been getting huge amounts of comment spam. I mean maybe 30 – 50 a day so I haven’t really time to read them, I just delete the lot. I hope I haven’t deleted any real comments together with them.