Would You Like To Get More Comfortable?
May 9th, 2012

Would You Like To Get More Comfortable?


  1. krondor2000

    Oh, if only it was that easy to punk the Pope and expose him to the world for what he really is!!!

  2. Schizo_Wolf

    Ah, doing some hands on research on vice, I see.

  3. MalikTous

    Cue up Wall of Voodoo ‘Last Honest Man’
    ‘…And later on that night, at a motel down the road,
    He kept his meeting for a cat-o-nine beating from a leatherclad man named Moe…’

  4. Sakke

    Unfortunately this is for the benefit of the Cetans:(

  5. Schizo_Wolf

    Well, hopefully he had a good time out of it at the very least.
    I wonder what they’re plotting.

  6. AlexCerati

    At least his “vice” research will be based on first hand experience.

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