Eros is named after the Greek god of love, Eros. It is the second-largest near-Earth asteroid after Ganymed, belonging to the Amors. It’s orbit comes within the orbit of Mars. Eros is one of the few Near Earth Asteroids with a maximum diameter greater than 10 km.


The Mall on Eros

Eros is still considered to be the property of AstroMinig co. The company has leased the minening tunnels and life support facilities to Eros Development Company. This company is now controlled by the Cetan commonly known as mr D.


Eros was one of the first asteroids to be mined. When more productive mining sites were discovered Eros was turned into a leisure center for asteroid miners. The tunnels left from the mining operation were converted to underground housing and commercial development. The center of its night life is The Mall, a half kilometer long former mine gallery lined with shops, hotels, restaurants and night clubs.

Space Patrol

Eros has also a small Space Patrol Base commanded by a liutenant. The main function of the Base is space traffic control and support of Space Patrol Ships when they stop on the small planetoid. The Security Platoon of the Space Patrol is also responsible for keeping peace on Eros.