Space Patrol Command Stucture

The Shield of Space Patrol

Space patrol is nominally under UN control. It’s most important leading positions are filled by US and China. Presently it is commanded by Space Marshal Thacher (US) and Vice Space Marshal Wu (CN) as chief of staff.


Strike Command — responsible for all of the operations of the Space Fleet. the head of Strike Command is Space Commodore Burns.
Personnel and Training Command responsible for recruitment and initial training, including flying training. Space Academy is a part of Personnel and Training Command.


Groups are the subdivisions of operational Commands, responsible for operations in their specific areas. Strike Command is made-up of three Groups:

1st Group – Responsible for operations near Earth, including the Moon

2 nd Group – Responsible for operations on Mars orbit and beyond.

3rd Group – Responsible for transport spacecraft and other support functions.

Personnel and Training Command has two Groups:

Training Group is responsible for basic training

Spacefleet Academy is Space Patrol’s officer training academy

Ranks and Insignia

Commisioned officers

Space Patrol commissioned officer ranks are modelled on naval ranks with the prefix Space, as eg space-liutenant. Officers have no specialty except for medical doctors and spiritual officers.

Other Ranks

Non Commissioned officers have also nay style ranks of petty officer or chief petty officer. The enlisted men are called spaceman.

Specialty is indicated by the color of the enlisted and NCO insignia; black indicating warfare systems operator, green for engineering, orange for Quartermaster/food Services, blue for Navigation and  Space Traffic Control, red for Medical, and gray for Security

Spacefleet Academy

Spacefleet Academy is part of the Training and personnel Command of Space Patrol. It’s head is Captain Lassard. Spacefleet Academy is the Space Patrol training and education academy which provides initial training to all Space Patrol personnel who are preparing to be commissioned officers. The Academy also provides initial training to spacecrew cadets and is responsible for all Space Patrol recruiting along with officer and spacecrew selection.