The Squatters’ Star is an abandoned Space structure built by a Forgotten Race for for some purpose of their own. The Star is still in working order, at least partly. It is inhabited by a motley crew of displaced aliens. Many of them have been displaced by the Cetans.


The squatters on the Abandoned Battle Star have elected a Council who deal with problems daily in open discussion. They have set themselves to following 7 rules:

  1. All resources of the Squatters Star are considered to be public space and not considered private property. Residents are expected to help strike a balance between their needs and the needs of the community as a whole.
  2. Non-violence to people or things.
  3. Everybody is required to work productively and pay fair price for the work of others
  4. No stealing something that obviously does not belong to you
  5. Agreements are binding. There should also be no tricking someone into paying for an item or a service and not giving the item or providing the service
  6. People breaking one of these rules must be judged by the Council who may require the guilty to do community service. Those committing violence will be asked to leave.

These rules are maintained by a Squatters Militia, which is a way to give to the community, not a permanent police force.


The residents eke a living scavenging and maintaining the failing technology of the Starship or by providing services to each other and passing travelers. They seem to use whatever currency the travellers happen to have.