My vacation is starting in couple of weeks and I honestly feel like a break from drawing comics. Since I haven’t managed to create enough of a buffer to get past that I have decided to use a short story I have ready as filler for this summer. Last weeks page feels like a nice cliff-hanger to leave SpaceBoiz for a while.

I came up with the story idea while reading old Ed Jenkins stories by erle Stanley Gardner last summer. The character of Ernest Blame a.k.a. The Fairy is a gay version of many heroes like Ed Jenkins or Simon Templar.

I decided to challenge myself to tell the story in just eight pages. My inspiration for that were Spirit stories by Will Eisner, but I didn’t quite manage with six¬† pages. Finally the story has been lying on my hard drive as line art when I couldn’t decide if I should do it in colour or greyscale. But for me the 1930’s is black and white movies so that sealed that.