The planet

A road train drive through Ych

Drach is a small, arid and generally insignificant planet orbiting a sun not far from ours. It’s intelligent life form has evolved from desert dwelling lizard like animals. They have developed a civilization largely based on steam technology. As their ancestors were burrowers they are especially good miners. Unfortunately for Drach’s inhabitants their planet has something the Cetans want, which is usually anything that belongs to others.

Much of the planet is rural, but there are some larger towns The Capital is Ych, which means basicly just ‘the capital’. A major Polytechnical school is in a town called Och-ar.


The Drachians are reptile like sentient species. Their colour varies from dark olive to almost lemon green. The skin color is to Drachians no more significant than hair color to humans. Drachian sexes have equal rights and opportunities, they even dress alike. Males can be differentiated only by the spikes that females don’t have.

Drachians treat homosexual relationships with equal respect. This may be partly due to the fact that Drach has the largest recorded incidence of homosexuals in the galaxy. It has been estimated that up 20% of adult drachians are predominantly oriented to their own sex.

Some young Drachians seek employment with the Cetans as they hope they will thereby learn to use and and understand Cetan technology. Sadly the Cetans have other plans for them as they need Drachian mining skills.


Drachian is an analytic language. Words are generally one syllable except compound words. There are three tones, high, neutral and low.

A basic sentence is in form of SVO, i.e. a subject is followed by a verb then by an object. Words do not indicate time, gender and plural by inflection. Instead, these concepts are expressed through adverbs, aspect markers, and particles, or are deduced from the context. Verbs are marked for aspect rather than tense – that is, whether an action has begun, is ongoing, habitual or has been completed.Appending interrogative or exclamative particles to a sentence turns a sentence into a question or shows the attitudes of the speaker.

The drachian writing system shows a remarkable parallel evolution with cuneiform writing on earth.Each written symbol represents a word, which is feasible in a language without inflexions. The ancient drachians used very similar tools and clay tablets for writing, leading to similar looking signs. As traditionalists they have retained the look of the characters even when the writing materials have changed.

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